BitSynchHub has been down but is up again.

BitSyncHub is a service to automatically mirror Bitbucket Mercurial repositories on GitHub. It is used by adding a POST service to your repository at Bitbucket, and adding as a contributor to your GitHub project. I wrote it to be able to mirror hgapi on GitHub, mainly to make it possible to use Travis CI.


    ?github=<USER>/<REPO>     [&branches=hgbranch:gitbranch[,...]]


  1. In your Bitbucket repository, go to Administration (looks like a cogwheel), select 'Services'
  2. Select POST in the dropdown, and click 'Add service'
  3. In the URL field for your new service, enter<USER>/<REPO> (no spaces, replace <USER> and <REPO> with values that make sense)
  4. (Unless you already have a mirror) Initialize an empty Github repo at<USER>/<REPO>
  5. Add bitsynchub as a contributor to your new Github repo
  6. Done; this will synch default->master
  7. To add more branches, add &branches=default:master,mybranch:mybranch to the service URL
  8. git to git synching is always done on master (branches are ignored)